Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Diclofenac Sodium Injection

All the conventional diclofenac sodium injections available in the market contains propylene glycol as a solvent, which makes the solution highly viscous and painful at the site of injection. Hence they are to be administered in the gluteal(buttock) region.

On the other hand Dynapar AQ is the World’s first painless diclofenac injection manufactured with patented “Aquatech process” by Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Limited which is free from propylene glycol and hence is as viscous as water. As a result it can be administered by intradeltoid route, intragluteal and and also alongwith i.v. infusion of normal saline and dextrose 5%, without using sodium bicarbonate unlike conventional brands.

Morever Dynapar AQ is available in Europack, so ampoule can be broken with a pressure of thumb without the help of cutter. This becomes beneficial at the time of emergencies.

Multicentric Trials:
We also have conducted multicentric intra deltoid studies at KEM Hospital Mumbai, AAIMS, New Delhi, N.H.L. Med. College, Ahmedabad, Sancheti Institute, Pune and J.J. Hospital, Mumbai. Apart from this Comperative Clinical Trial conducted at KEM Hospital, Mumbai, AAIMS Hospital, New Delhi, St. John’s Hospital, Banglore, and Vijaya Hospital, Chennai.

Reports published:
Trails got published in renowned journals like Journal of American Medical Association, Medicine Update and Physician’s Digest.

Diclofenac sodium injections are used in pain and inflammation in rheumatic disease and other musculoskeletol disorders, acute gout, post operative pain, pain following dental surgery,
Painful inflammatory conditions in gynaecology and renal and billiary colic.

Dynapar AQ is available in a blister of 5x3ml ampoules. Each ml contains diclofenac sodium BP 25mg, benzyl alcohol BP 4% v/v.

Diclofenac ReInvented products are:

1. Dynapar AQ
2. Dynapar Tablet
3. Dynapar Gel
4. Dynapar SR
5. Dynapar EC
6. Dynapar PPI
7. Dynapar 100 Suppository